Rosie McGinn: 3 for 1



Rosie Mcginn - 3 for 1Rosie McGinn's three installations explore how we push ourselves to extreme limits and chase after mind-blowing experiences in the search for our place in the world.

Full Howse is a giant, hand made, leopard-printed bingo woman, inflatable sculpture. As the air flows through the nylon structure the women rises, her arms flinging out to each side, mimicking the frenzied moment of winning a full house. The image is of McGinn’s grandmother, who is now banned from her local bingo. Terrifying in scale and presence, while maintaining slapstick humour, Full Howse captures this moment of euphoria. The deflating of the body punctures the joy and the fleeting moment of escapism is gone.

World’s Strongest Man uses stolen footage of competition strong men lifting incredible weights. The clips are chopped and edited in such a way that each weightlifter has no time to rest, highlighting humanity’s restlessness and constant search for the next level of experience. McGinn has framed the weightlifters as you see them letting go of their self awareness, and the results are strange and humorous. One of the men even splits his lip open as he pushes himself to the end of his limits.  By putting these men in PVC prints and 90s TV monitors, McGinn points back to her own childhood, watching WSM on the small TV in the backroom while eating fish fingers.

McGinn’s last installation for our closing event Ravers is a brand new installation work comprising human-scale inflatable air puppets, flailing with relentless and unpredictable movements, powered by an industrial bouncy castle air blower. These characters examine the culture of raving, and the joy of dance as a means of escapism. The Ravers are trapped in a moment of endless dance as they seek another level of being, and are lost in their lack of self awareness.