Ben Doherty: Serious Hats

15 SEPT—27 OCT 2018

For the inauguration of Picnic in September 2018, we are pleased to present the new exhibition Serious Hats. Ben Doherty is the first artist to take over the long commercial display unit, and to present works that have been produced in response to the unique attributes of the space, and its location in a walkway.

Ben makes sculptures and multimedia installations that inhabit the edges. Largely inspired by science fiction, his work tips over into a parallel present where mysticism and pseudoscience predominate. For this exhibition, Ben is presenting a large mix media installation involving abstract sculptures and stained fabric sheets, creating a mysterious environment. Obstructive, the works shy way from the limelight and pose the question of why they might be there, and whether we are meant to look at them all.

The exhibition runs in parallel with the Peckham Art Festival.

See more of Ben’s work at: